It’s A Social World Out There!: My First Series

As human beings we need other people. We need love, attention, and partners. We need conversation, intimacy, and friendship. We are social beings.

As writers we need an audience, critics, publishers, and other writers. No writer, no matter how introverted, can escape this fact and live a completely insular life. 

Writers need other writers for support, a network to spread their ideas, and an audience to listen to their passion. In the upcoming posts I want to explore the various genres of writing and how this need for others plays itself out, in each category respectively – all while sharing some of my ideas on how to expand the social world we write in.

So for fiction writers, I want to share my ideas on the best ways to make others aware that you exist: audiences, editors and publishers, and other established writers with the power to recommend you.

For commercial writers: how to make contacts and network with those who actually have the power to hire you, and how to move into areas more noticeable to other business’s.

For bloggers: how to increase your visibility, grow your followers, and get more established bloggers to notice and send traffic to your site.

Any thoughts on the above? Have any tips (if your willing to share your secrets) you’ve found through trial and error? Have a writers niche I haven’t heard of, but need to include in the discussion?

Leave a comment and I’ll factor them all into the upcoming series of It’s A Social World Out There!

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4 Responses to It’s A Social World Out There!: My First Series

  1. Shareen says:

    I guess the best advice would be use your social media and little by little you’ll get there.

    • True.
      But there’s so much more than just social media! Social media is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to expanding your audience! And it doesn’t have to be just little by little, either…
      And those other ways are what I’m going to be exploring.

  2. It is a social world out there, which is unfortunate for anti-social people.

    • True, but fortunately the realm of people who are actually and truly “anti-social” is enormously small. Most of what others term “anti-social” just means an aversion to small talk and chit chat.
      Marketing yourself and your writing is an entirely different proposition, and can be fun even for introverts!

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