Daily Rituals

There are three drinks that shape my day. I use them to provide a sense of pacing and inevitability to my schedule that lets me balance all the curve balls life sends my way.

My alarm goes off at 4:30 each morning and I stumble reluctantly out a bed and walk my soon-to-be fiance out to her car as she goes to work. We live downtown in a large city, so she appreciates having a guy walk with her in the dark. I come back in and drink my first glass of water before falling back asleep at 5:00.

Every morning I drink that first glass of water, and there’s no better way of starting your day than with water. Staying properly hydrated is a big part of my writing routine.

At 9:00 my  other alarm goes off and I re-stumble out of bed and put on coffee.

This is important. Coffee in the morning is like prayer, or meditation. The steady sound of the drip as I boot up the computer, the smell that slowly spreads throughout the apartment, and the ritual of pouring the first cup all allow me to focus my thoughts.

I pour the coffee slowly and carefully into a white mug and add just a hint of sugar. Too much sugar curbs the acidic bite. This whole time I’m thinking through the tasks I want to accomplish that day, and organizing my to-do list.

I don’t really go to coffee houses. First, it rough on the budget, but also I dislike the early morning bustle in cafes. As an introvert, I prefer my own private routine.

As I drink the first of my two cups, I scan my social media sites and clear my inbox. Takes me all of five minutes, since I’m a firm believer in using social media  as little as possible. I then get to work writing as I finish up the first cup and start on the second. By this time the caffeine starts to kick in and I hit my writing stride.

I make phone calls and write until lunch, and then keep working til 1:00, at which point I put on the kettle for tea.

I don’t use teabags for afternoon tea. I’m looking for a tea I can focus on, not an easy-to-drink tea. To this end, I use loose tea leaves, and make the tea quite weak with no sugar. I take my time and simply savor the flavor of tea. It’s a rejuvenating and re-focusing moment.

I get back to work and drink at least two cups, if not more. The lady of the house comes home and I make her tea as well, and we drink together.

After work is over, with dinner and dishes finished, we make tea using teabags and sugar. My preference right now is Cinnamon Apple Spice from Celestial Seasonings. It’s a warming, relaxing winter tea that’s perfect for quiet nights spent reading.

Before bed, I drink another glass of just water.

Water to start my day off right. Coffee to focus and jump start my day. Tea to re-focus and relax.

Pillars and caissons to my day, they allow me to create a schedule and use externals to keep my writing and working on pace. Water gives me energy all day long. Coffee is the perfect beginning, but if I have a rough start, I can pull back and re-start with afternoon tea. If it’s been a tough day all around, tea creates a relaxing end. 

It’s the daily rituals you create that give you balance in this unbalanced world.


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12 Responses to Daily Rituals

  1. Reblogged this on Crows Dream and commented:
    I’m completely in awe of this writer’s ability to create a daily schedule and stick to it. I’ve never been able to do so, although I know it would greatly benefit my endlessly wandering mind. Well done.

  2. I have similar rituals! Making toast is another key one for me and the husband, in the late afternoon.

    • I actually just talked to someone who says they dunk their toast in (as, into) their tea! I had never heard of that before. I enjoy tea, and I enjoy toast, but as to meshing them together…
      Is that something you do as well? I’m infinitely curious about this!

      • Nope. Sounds a bit odious, actually, though I am a fan of both tea and toast. Maybe the person you spoke to doesn’t have any teeth? I have a French friend who butters his croissant, dips it into his cafe au lait and eats it – every bite that same way, until you want to kill him.

  3. PhiipPhlop says:

    Coffee is most important. Sometimes I wake up early just so I can have ample “coffee time.”

  4. MarieMom says:

    I loved this post! I have to have my tea every day. I wrote about this and it’s calming effect (http://mymomthoughts.com/2012/12/29/sip-something-simple/). I haven’t had the Cinnamon Apple Spice variety of Celestial Seasonings, yet. I usually keep to their sleepy time tea if I brew some of theirs.

    • Celestial Seasonings has a great line out, especially for night time drinking! I highly recommend the Cinnamon Apple Spice, I haven’t found any other cinnamon tea remotely like it. I’m afraid I tend to stockpile and hoard it whenever it shows up in shops.

      • MarieMom says:

        I will have to try the Cinnamon Apple Spice if I see it in stores. I too am guilty of hording tea. I have tons of Tazo Organic Apple Red which my husband absolutely loves.

    • And just read the post!
      I’m a fellow green tea drinker, approaching the fanatic. For some reason I just can’t get into chai, and it’s a weakness I fully recognize, but there it is….
      Meeting fellow tea-lovers is always a pleasure. It’s almost like becoming part of a secret Brotherhood.

      • MarieMom says:

        Chai tea is really a tricky one. I don’t like the Tazo Chai as it’s very strong and bold. I’ve like the Bigalow Vanilla Chai and I also like Oregon Chai Tea Late mix. My favorite Chai though is the Samurai Chai Mate by Teavana.

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