Writing In Freedom

Relaxation in the midst of intensity. That’s all you need.

It’s the runner who relaxes whilst striding powerfully who wins the race; it’s the voice which loosens itself completely that can sing to maximum capacity. The most brilliant actors are the most relaxed on the stage.

All too often we try to be something, an author, a poet, a writer, and our straining efforts impede our progress. We stretch ourselves to the limit trying to accomplish and in the process lose our natural grace and power.

First, we must be taken by an idea. We must be overcome with desire to do a thing. We must feel it rising up inside of us, uncontrollable and unstoppable. 

And then, we simply step out of the way. We relax.

We allow our passion and our yearnings to mingle in the play of forms, and in that mingling Art is created. We channel the vortex of our desire into a vessel of technique by simply letting go.

Stopping the effort and all the pushing, pulling and shoving we sometimes feel is necessary to creation. Instead, we relax. We inhabit the words. We watch them take a life of their own, but that life is not provided by our conscious strength. It comes from somewhere else.

The first spark of creation comes from this tension between the loosening and the activity. There is a time for editing and revision, but there is also a time for stopping our efforts…and simply creating.



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