The Importance of Passionate

“You don’t write for the money, or you’re a monkey. You don’t think of the bottom line or you’re a monkey. You don’t think of it in terms  of hourly wage, yearly wage, even lifetime wage, or you’re a monkey.” – Steven King

Writers without passion get nowhere pretty fast, tending to just slowly fizzle out and wonder what went wrong. But passion on the other hand, passion creates life and energy, movement and momentum! People are drawn to passion. It’s irresistible to us!

Passion attracts others and gives you the energy to keep writing through the hard times that will come. If you find your passions and translate them into words, you have a lifetime of effective and influential writing ahead of you!

So look at what you love. What attracts you in this wonderful world we live in? Sports? Technology? Baking? Take a look at your past writing. What subjects practically write themselves underneath your pen, or seemingly leap from out of your cursor? Write this way consistently, in subjects that absolutely fascinate you, and others will say “Oh, you too? What a wonderful coincidence!” and begin to listen as you write.

However, there’s an important distinction at this point. Passion is rooted in enjoyment and pleasure. There’s both active and passive pleasure, and passion springs almost exclusively from the active. Passive pleasure simply sits back and is acted upon, such as the classic example of the television. With all the lights and sounds and action, very little is left to the imagination. Simply put, it’s a processed pleasure much as food can be processed. Still good, but missing something important.

Active pleasure is always involved. There’s an exchange of energy put in  for the output of pleasure received. It’s much more complex and multi-layered than simple pleasure. Passion requires active enjoyment simply because those who are passionate always do something for their passion. The man in love with butterfly collecting will actively gather butterflies. The lover of music will sing, play or compose.

Passion isn’t just an object to be in love with. It’s an energy, a force, a defining movement, ie. the man wrote passionately. It plays upon the verbs in our lives and creates momentum for what we want to share.

Write with passion and find what you love because its worth it. Because nothing else will get you through all the rejection and sheer terror of creating with words. When the going gets rough and the way is getting dark, your passion for writing and writing in your passions will be your guiding light. And then you’ll find that light has helped more than just you.

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