The Effective Writer Introduced.

The Writer.

No one magically hands you the title of writer.

It’s something you wrest from the world, with all the conviction and force of your being. It’s being so in love with the power of words to shape the world that you would risk rejection and criticism to share that power with others. It’s the desire to change people for the better by what you have to say, and the need to use Words for that effect.  It’s the urge inside of you, pushing you to create,  pulling the words out of you.

This site is for you.


Effectiveness is a skill, and like any other skill can be taught. But the desire to be effective must come from inside of you. No one can make you want to be effective.

Effectiveness understands how to make an action reverberate throughout the world for the maximum possible outcome. It’s the salesman who takes a moment to be human with a buyer, and in so doing creates a lifelong customer. Five minutes of effort creates a lifetime’s worth of business. Or it’s going to sleep earlier, so you get a good night’s rest and have energy for the next day. Or maybe staying up later so you can build into someone’s life. Effectiveness sees the big picture and the details simultaneously, and the wisdom to pick and choose so as to forge closer to the goal. If you want to cultivate effectiveness…

This site is for you.

The Effective Writer

And this site is for those who want to weld the two together…fusing effectiveness and writing. Those who want to become writers who are effective. Writers who want to change the maximum amount of people possible. Writers who want to build an audience and then craft content worthy of the following they have created, and who want to write words that will attract an audience worth writing for. Artists who want to affect the world are welcome. Let’s learn together.

I don’t have all the answers. I don’t make thousands of dollars a year writing, I haven’t written a book yet, and I don’t consider myself an authority on writing structure and form. But I’m learning, and I’ve come a long way from when I started. So here are some things I’ve learned over the past year or so, and I’m asking you to come along and learn with me. So feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you’re thinking. Let’s have a conversation and go somewhere together, and make each other better than we are now. Let’s learn how to make our writing as powerful as possible so our ideas can ripple through the world, and together…let’s unleash the Effective Writer inside of us.


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